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After the turn of the millennium the Nordic investment markets were becoming internationally ‘en vogue’ and peaking in the middle of the decade. After the 2008/2009-drop transaction volumes were rising again, at least in Sweden and Norway, but currently seems to slow down a bit. What are the reasons for this decrease in investment activity since last year?

I would say that overall the market as a whole is still going strong and the latest reports I have received show that the transactions in the Nordic Region will this year be a the level of last year.

Patrizia is invested in office and retail, but in residential as well, mainly in Sweden. Swedish residential properties seem to be one of the most promising assets, also from an international point of view – and that is something new. What has changed?

Residential as an investment category has always been of interest for Patrizia, though I agree that within the last few years more have followed and find residential of interest. The main reason is, that if you invest wisely meaning in the right properties in the right locations, you will always have a fully let property.

In addition many main cities have in the last few years experienced a decrease in the commercial rental level but not in the residential rental level – well, then you get an investment, which to many is the equivalent to a core investment. Stable rent with stable tenants. At Patrizia we believe in the German, Nordic and UK residential markets.

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