Leg Effect Foot Massager

Leg and Foot Massager with Heat Option, Red/Black, Customizable massage with dual mode kneading and vibration programs; 3 speed level and 3 Intensity settings and 15-minutes auto shut off timer, Includes 2 removable fabric covers for easy cleaning and Easy to carry handles.

The uComfy leg and foot massager uses a combination of heat, kneading, and vibration to refresh muscles and joints. A series of air bags deeply massage reflex points in your calves, ankles, and feet for a rejuvenating effect. The massager heats up to relax muscles, while the vibration stimulates circulation. All functions–massage, vibration, and heat–have adjustable levels, so you can customize the massage. The massager also features an easy-to-reach control panel and detachable, easy-to-clean covers.

Massaging Air Bags Knead Aching Muscles

The uComfy massager features 16 independent air bags that intuitively inflate, deflate, and shift to deliver a deep massage experience from the soles of your feet to the tops of your calves. The bags knead deeply, targeting specific reflex points to refresh and rejuvenate. Because the massager uses air pressure rather than hard plastic knobs, your massage will be soft and comfortable rather than mechanical or harsh. You can select from three different settings to target the areas that need massage the most Leg Effect Foot Massager.

Heat and Vibration Thoroughly Relax Muscles

This massager offers two levels and heat and three levels of vibration to soothe sore muscles and joints. Select low and high heat depending on what level of relaxation your muscles need. Choose from low, medium, or high vibration to stimulate blood circulation and relieve stress.

Convenient Features Make Operation and Maintenance Easy

The massager features an easy-to-reach control panel, so you don’t have to strain to change the heat, massage, and vibration settings. Two fabric covers provide a soft surface for your legs and feet and are easily detachable for cleaning. The unit’s automatic shut-off turns the massager off after 15 minutes of use, so it won’t waste energy if accidentally left on.

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