New BMW AG Shark Series

This year (2011) is the AG Shark, not the Mercedes CL-based AG Excalibur (although both are big, red, and kind of freaky-deaky), and it was snagged in Latvia by a reader of the Autogespot forums. The Shark is based on a BMW 6-Series and features a carbon Kevlar fiberglass body over a steel and aluminum frame in bmw shark.

The AG website says that the Shark wears 24s out front (like the Excalibur) and 26s out back, while its CL-based buddy has super-sized 30s at the rear; all rims can be chromed, powder coated, or gold plated bmw shark

Behind those rims is a set of 380-mm discs (probably up front), although the big brakes are probably due to the added rotational mass than the extreme power of the car: it’s running with a 333-horsepower 4.4-liter V8. This car is clearly meant more for show than go, anyway. Speaking of “show”: Swarovsky crystals roam freely throughout the Alcantara-bathed interior.

The exaggerated Shark looks like a 6-Series with details from a Z4 Coupe and a Fisker Latigo’s headlights, all as seen through a fun house mirror. Barring how awkward the ride and handling must be (with or without an adjustable suspension), this thing looks pretty neat. I mean, who wouldn’t want a life-size Hot Wheels car?

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